Billing Anomaly Workflow:

Why use Billing Anomaly Workflow?

New nOps Billing Anomaly Workflow helps you control AWS costs and keep you informed about AWS billing changes. You are always alerted if costs go higher than usual — for every region, for every AWS service.

How to reach to Billing Anomaly Workflow screen in nOps?

Rules > Rules Engine > Create New Workflow > Billing Anomaly Workflow

Step-1: Creating a new Billing Anomaly Workflow

  • Open Create Workflow screen.
  • Enter “Workflow Name” and Select “Billing Anomaly Workflow” as workflow type and click on “Workflow Detail” button.

Step-2: “Billing Anomaly” Configuration

  • Enter number “Days
  • Enter any “%” for Alert and Warning fields
  • Enable “Send Alert emails” toggle if you want to be notified for alerts.
  • Enable “Send Warning emails” toggle if you want to be notified for warnings.
  • Disable the toggles if you don't want to be notified.
  • Select the reviewers on “Send to admin users” field who will be notified.
  • Select notification list from “Notification lists” dropdown.
  • Click on “SAVE” to save changes

Step-3: Publishing Billing Anomaly Workflow

  • Click on “Publish Workflow” button on top right side.

Step-4: Results

  • Once you configured the Billing Anomaly Workflow, you can start seeing the alerts based on your choice of notifications (Email/Slack/HipChat).

Some examples of Billing Anomaly Workflow alert on email and slack

E.g Slack Alert


E.g: Email Alert


Step-6: Unpublish Billing Anomaly Workflow

To “Unpublish” workflow a user need to delete it.

  • Open workflow that you want to delete
  • Click on “Delete Workflow” button on top right side.
  • Once a workflow is deleted then you will no longer be getting alerts.

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