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About Compute Copilot for ECS and how it works

  • Compute Copilot is a service that automatically optimizes any compute-based workload. It leverages ML algorithms to reduce your ECS costs by automatically migrating EC2 instances to Spot. 

  • Compute Copilot Lambda is aware whenever ASG launches a new on-demand instance (such as in response to a desired capacity change). In response, it automatically launches a Spot instance with settings that mirror those of the on-demand instance, attaches it to the ASG, confirms it is in service, and removes the on-demand instance for you.

Why Compute Copilot

  • Compute Copilot uses AI-driven decision making to provision and run workloads at the cheapest price in real time, without manual effort.

  • Compute Copilot allows you to benefit from Spot savings with the same reliability as On-Demand. By analyzing historical data and Spot Termination events, it ensures your critical workloads remain safe from interruption. 

  • Compute Copilot does not require your workload to be transferred to a proprietary system, but works directly with AWS ECS. It does not typically modify the ASG settings, allowing it to be disabled at any time without interrupting existing workflows.


  1. You must be logged in to your nOps account

  2. Your AWS account must be configured to your nOps account.

  3. You must have the correct permissions. 

  4. You must have an ECS cluster with ASG as a capacity provider.

Steps to Enable Managed Instance Draining via the AWS console

  1. Navigate to the AWS console -> ECS cluster -> Infrastructure -> Capacity Provider 

  2. Select the ASG -> Update -> Expand Scaling policies -> Check the Managed instance draining
    Managed instance draining is a new feature from and managed by AWS, which has been recently launched. It allows instances to drain tasks automatically.

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