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Change Management

The Change Management tab lists the changes in your account and the potential billing impact of these changes. You can expand or collapse each day’s list of changes by clicking the down arrow at the right, and you can click on the Daily, Weekly, or Monthly filter options to see the total spend change over daily, weekly, or monthly intervals for each resource type. Change the Sort by options to view increases or decreases by cost or by percent.

Finding Cost Changes

Use one or a combination of the following methods to explore cost changes, compare what you paid this month vs last month, or investigate a spike in costs.

  • Check costs on the dashboard. From the Dashboard, navigate to Cost Control / Cloud Resources Cost. Check the Cloud Accounts, Cloud Services, Resources, and Operations spends. Spend numbers flagged in red show are higher than in the previous time period. Check for variances. You might notice (for example) that unexpectedly higher costs stem from adding a number of new resources.

  • Use the calendar tool. For example, in the Resources tab, if the spend and usage look normal and there are no spikes, use the calendar tool to include costs for the prior month. This may show changes in resources. Also examine Non-resources tab to see how such items as support costs, usage costs for pausing and restarting an instance, egress costs, or tax costs are contributing to your spend.

  • Also in the Resources tab, use the various filters in the box at left – for example, to isolate key resources by tags, region, account, usage type, etc., so that you can evaluate a specific resource or a set of resources for changes in cost over time.

  • From the Regions tab, click on See Spend Forecast to see estimates based on your current spend.

  • Set up Notifications. From the Change Management tab click on Subscribe to be notified of cost changes. You can select a period of time, and a range for the cost comparison (by week or by month). Enter emails for people who will receive these notifications.

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