Using service catalog with nOps:

Leverage Service Catalog through nOps

Service catalog gives ability to request for resources directly from nOps website instead of going through AWS console. Each request that is created have several steps before it gets executed so the users have clear vision and control on what resources have been requested and when those were approved, rejected or executed and who was the reviewer. Having service catalog builtin in nOps helps to save AWS cost as well because all the resources that were requested can be controlled or terminated with just a click.

For e.g. If you want your team not to launch any large instance then you achieve such control with the help of nOps and track it

How to reach to service catalog workflow screen in nOps?

Rules > Rules Engine > Create New Workflow > Service Catalog

Step-1 : Creating a new Workflow

  • Open Create Workflow screen.
  • Enter “Workflow Name” and Select “Service Catalog” as workflow type and click on “Workflow Detail” button.

Step-2: Pending Approve [Configure approve node]

  • Click on “Pending Approve” node.
  • Select the one or multiple “Reviewers” from the dropdown list.
  • Enable/Disable “Email Notification” toggle for notifications about this action.
  • Click on “Save” button to save changes.
  • Click on “Close” button to close the popup without saving changes.
  • Click on “Delete” button to completely remove “Pending approve” node.

Step-3: Approval and Reject nodes

  • Approval and Reject nodes configurations are just to enable/disable email alerts when a service catalog request is approved or rejected by reviewer.
  • Click “Save” button to save changes.

Step-4: Execute

  • Click on “Execute” node
  • Select “Service Catalog” from dropdown
  • Select “Credential”, you can set up MFA credentials for more security.
  • Enable/Disabled email alert toggle for execute action.
  • Click on “Save” button to save any changes.

Step-5: Publish Workflow

  • Once you have all the steps configured then the workflow can be enabled by clicking on “Publish Workflow” button on top right side.

Step-6: Editing a Workflow

  1. For Editing a workflow everything is exactly same as in above steps but after making all the changes on existing workflow, user need to click on “Publish Workflow” button again in order to overwrite new changes.

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