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Workloads API Documentation


API token generation Go to settings -> API Key menu item

Click “Generate API Key”

Copy the key you’ve have.

To use the nOps API, you will need to append your query string in the following manner: https://app.nops.io/nops_api/v1/some_endpoint/?api_key=<YOUR_API_KEY>

List workloads

Get specific workload data (with answers data) by its ID: /nops_api/v1/workload/<WORKLOAD_ID>/?api_key=<API_KEY>

Get WA summary for a specific workload /nops_api/v1/workload/<WORKLOAD_ID>/rules_summary/?api_key=<API_KEY>

Get a budget for a specific workload /nops_api/v1/workload/<WORKLOAD_ID>/budget/?api_key=<API_KEY>

List attached resources for a specific workload /nops_api/v1/workload/<WORKLOAD_ID>/resources/?api_key=<API_KEY>


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