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How to Attach Documents to Workloads


Workloads in nOps help you to group different AWS resources that have been created within your AWS environment. This makes it easier to carry out various assessments on those specific services that make up with Workload. These are the steps to create a workload in nOps

Click on the Workload link on the top menu bar.

On the Workloads page or Dashboard, we will find already created workloads if they exist, and if there are no workloads the page will be blank.

Click on any of the workloads to view details and assessments under that workload

On the page, there are a section labeled Compliance Documents

Click the Upload a file button to pop-up the upload dialog box. Fill out the form with all the details needed.

Click the Choose file option to select the file to upload.

Click the Submit & Upload button to upload the file and submit the contents of the form.

This will take us to the Workload page with the resource that has been uploaded.

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