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Evaluate Risk for a Workload

Workload Risk Summary

The Workload Summary displays an assessment toolbar that summarizes the associated risks.

The toolbar can be viewed by all users. Use the following path to see the toolbar. From the top menu bar or from the dashboard:
Click Workloads > Select a Workload from the list > Click the Compliance Ops tab > from the Lenses Summary dialog, click the Assessment button for any lens to see the Assessment page.

This topic contains:

  1. Assessment Page and Toolbar Overview
  2. Overview of Assessments
  3. How Risk Levels are Assigned
  4. The Section Tabs
  5. How to use the Interactive Assessment toolbar
  6. Related Functionality for the Assessment Summary page

Assessment Page and Toolbar Overview


The Assessment page evaluates workloads against existing regulations or threat environment policies. Risk framework questions are based on best practices for compliance standards, and regulations for Security and Network. The toolbar displays:

  • Risk levels: Unanswered, Medium, High and None and Not Applicable.

  • The number of questions that fall under each risk.

  • A graph for percentage of Assessment Completed.

Each assessment-type contains section tabs below the toolbar. The data in the section tabs changes when any risk-type is clicked. See Section Tabs for more information.

Overview of Assessments

Following is an overview of the different assessment types available through nOps and the pillars (for WAFR) or, section tabs that appear under different Assessment types. Each of the questions in the section tabs are assigned risk levels. Your answers to these impact compliance with Compliance Frameworks such as HIPAA.

Assessment Type Contains
WAFR (AWS) Security, Cost, Reliability, Operations, Performance and Sustainability pillars. See AWS for more information
SaaS Security, Cost, Reliability, Operations and Performance
Serverless Security, Cost, Reliability, Operations and Performance
FTR Security, Reliability, and Operations

How Risk Levels are Assigned

A risk level is assigned each time a question is answered, and is based on your selections. Each question has sub-questions. Some of which may have a higher risk value than others. Answering them could change the risk or threat level for that question. Ensure that you answer all questions correctly and to the best of your ability, since they impact the safety, security, and threats to your cloud account. Support your answers by uploading and storing documents to ensure compliance.

If any question is unanswered it is not flagged with a risk assessment. However any unanswered question may pose a greater risk, as the issues it covers are not mitigated in your environment. You can see which questions are unanswered for a specific section by clicking on the Unanswered section. See How to use the Interactive Assessment toolbar for more information.

The Not Applicable section in the toolbar displays a count, for any questions where you have enabled the Question does not apply to this workload toggle. Click the toggle only if the question is not applicable for the selected workload. The question is disabled and removed from the assessment. Removing a question excludes it from the Assessment Completed percentage. This will impact your overall risk levels.

The Section Tabs


Section tabs vary based on the type of assessment. Each tab contains its own set of questions, displays the number of questions in each, and how many of them are answered as seen in the following example.

How to use the Interactive Assessment toolbar


The Assessments toolbar is ‘clickable’. When a section is clicked, it changes color and displays which section tabs have a related issue.

In the following example, the Medium risk section was clicked, and shows that the Security assessment tab contains 1 question that was assigned a risk level of Medium.

Click through both the toolbar and the section tabs to see the changes within your workload.

Click a risk level, then click the section that contains the associated risk. The question will be highlighted as shown in the following example. Questions also display whether any answers were auto-discovered by nOps.

  • Click the Expand All /Collapse All button within each question to view question prompts. These may help you answer the question.

  • Click the More (3 dot) menu to see additional functionality such as the ability to Attach a Document or Add a Label.

  • Click the Export Report button at the top right to export a report-type available in the list.

  • Click Exit Assessment to return to the Workload Summary page.

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