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Configure the Notification Center to get scheduled alerts

nOps supports sending alerts directly to Slack and Email. 

Step1 : Configuring the integration

  1. Go to OrganizationSettings.

  2. Click on “Integrations” in left menu and select “Slack Integration”.

  3. Click on Webhook configuration url

  4. Redirect to Incoming webhooks inside the Slack app directory. 

  5. Create a new Slack channel and add the integration.

  6. Copy the webhook URL and paste it to the nOps platform field “Webhook Url”

  7. Give the suitable Webhook Name

  8. Click on Setup.

Step2: Configure the Notification Center

  1. Go to OrganizationSettings.

  2. Click on “Notification center” in left menu and select “Cost Changes” tab.

  3. Select Notfiy: Weekly

  4. Select your Basis of Comparison

  5. Select Users you want to notify via Email (note: User must be added in Team members)

  6. Give Slack notification channel name you created recently (note:  without # in the channel name)

  7. Save/Submit the configuration.

Note : Same way you can configure for nOps rules

Below are the sample of Slack notifications and Email template of Cost related Alerts. 

Slack notifications, 

Email notifications

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