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Backfilling a CUR file for the MAP program

If you’re participating in AWS’s Migration Assistance Program, you want to get the maximum credit from the MAP program.

One thing to consider is a longer trail of data within your Cost and Usage Report (CUR). In order to get the most out of nOps, we recommend filling out a support ticket with AWS to do a CUR backfill. This will load your CUR file with previous months’ data, allowing you to get better insight.

Creating the Ticket

For each Payer account, log into your Amazon Support Console to create a support ticket. Please CC your point of contact at nOps in your support ticket, or inform them when the backfill has been completed.

Ticket Information

Item What to enter
Type Billing
Category Invoices and Reports
Subject: Backfill CUR reports
Description: Please Backfill The CUR for the following:

CUR Report name: nopsbilling-hourly-parquet
Time Period: <1 month prior to MAP Start date> to <the Month prior to the data in nOps>
Reason: We moved to a finance reporting engine for tracking MAP credits that requires all CURs to be in parquet format
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