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Commitment Management Configuration

If you’re prefer to walk through configuring Commitment Management with nOps, please contact your nOps Sales representative.

If you’d prefer to configure on your own, please follow the steps outlined below.


  1. Access to the management account of the AWS Organization
  2. Ability to create and access a new email account or address

Create an email address

In order to enroll in Commitment Management, you will need to create one email address for this purpose under the company domain, such as nops-cm@company.com. If your email service uses aliasing, that will work too. We recommend yourname+cm@company.com in that situation.

Follow your internal process to get access to your nops-cm@ email account.

Add a new AWS account to the AWS Organization

Login to your AWS management/payer account and follow the steps.

  1. Navigate to the AWS Organization page.
  2. Click on Add an AWS account

  1. Add account information (we recommend ShareSave or Commitments for the name) using the new email address and click Create AWS account

Configure the Payer roles

While the account creation processes, run the following CloudFormation stack


You will need to enter 2 variables.

Report name: Bucket:
company-cm company-cm

By now, you should receive confirmation the new account has been created.

Create a Password for the new AWS account

  1. Open aws.amazon.com
  2. Log in as a root user email
    1. Enter your nops-sharesave@company.com email
    2. Click Next
    3. Click the Forgot password? link
  3. Reset your password

Configure the new linked account

After logging into the linked account, run the following CloudFormation stack


When this has completed and the stacks have run successfully, please contact nOps with the following information:

  • Payer account number
  • ShareSave linked account number
  • ShareSave bucket name

And we can complete the configuration process on a short call.

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