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How to use AWS SSO for nOps

In the nOps platform, navigate to the SSO Configuration settings to enable SSO

Within AWS:

  1. Navigate to IAM Identity Center -> Applications -> Add Application

  2. Choose Custom application
  3. Add custom SAML 2.0 application

  4. Add your application name and description.

  5. Copy the information from AWS to the nOps SSO settings:

    AWS: IAM Identity Center SAML issuer URL nOps: Issuer URL (entityId) and SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) (singleSignOnService: URL)

    Example: https://portal.sso.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/saml/assertion/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  6. Copy the following information from nOps to AWS:

    nOps: Assertion Consumer Service AWS: Application ACS URL

    Example: https://app.nops.io/sso/v1/YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY/?acs

    nOps: Entity ID AWS: Application SAML audience

    Example: https://app.nops.io/sso/v1/YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY/metadata

  7. In AWS, download the IAM Identity Center Certificate and copy the certificate content to the nOps X.509 Certificate section

  8. Go to the IAM Identity Center Applications settings
  9. Click on Actions -> Edit Attribute mappings.

    application Maps Format
    Subject ${user:subject} emailAddress
    User.Email ${user:email} basic
    User.FirstName ${user:givenName} basic
    User.LastName ${user:familyName} basic
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