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This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) for nOps.io services (the “Services”) sets forth the support service levels for every applicable nOps Subscription of Services. This SLA may be updated from time to time.

Service request definitions:

  • Excused Downtime means the total number of minutes in the applicable month that the Services are unavailable due to downtime authorized by you.
  • Impact means the extent of deviation from the normal service level, in terms of the number of Users or business processes affected.
  • Issue means your communication to us via (i) a support ticket; (ii) an email addressed to support\@nops.io; or (iii) a telephone call to a designated customer success manager, of an unscheduled or unanticipated incident that adversely affects the delivery of the Services.
  • Required Monthly Availability _means the total number of minutes in the applicable month, minus the _Excused Downtime, and the Scheduled Downtime.
  • Response means our action in response to notification from you to us of an Issue.
  • Scheduled Downtime means the total number of minutes in any given month that the Services are unavailable due to our scheduled maintenance and repair.
  • Support Request means a request made to us for the purpose of initiating our assistance for a support-related activity or Issue.

Severity and Time-to-Respond

At nOps, we collaborate closely with our customers to ensure that any reported technical or business issues are given the appropriate level of priority. Our response times and the steps we take to resolve your problem are determined based on an evaluation of how the reported technical issue impacts your business. The more significant the impact on your business, the higher the priority assigned to the issue. This prioritization is crucial for our mutual success. It is a common understanding between both parties that the customer has the authority to specify the priority of their service request. When a request is marked as high-priority, a designated nOps customer success manager (CSM) will be at your disposal to assist while we work on resolving the issue. The following guidelines are provided to assist you in determining the appropriate priority level.

Help Desk Support

We will provide the maintenance and support services set forth below as part of the nOps AWS marketplace subscription.

  • Our support help desk (“Help Desk”) is available between the hours of 12:00am ET – 8pm ET Monday through Friday. Support is provided in the English language.

  • We are available 24 hours per day 7 days a week for Severity Level 1 Issues (as defined under Paragraph 4.1).

  • Support for Severity 1 issues during National Holidays or off-hours, between 8pm ET and 12AM ET, and weekends, requires a phone call to nOps’s designated CSM to engage support.

  • You may create a Support Ticket by emailing nOps Help Desk at support\@nOps.io. For all valid nOps Subscriptions, you must create a Support Request for Severity 1, Severity 2, and Severity 3 issues. Registered users may create a Support Ticket by:

    • Submitting a Support Request at the in-app support chat directly.
    • Emailing the nOps Help Desk at support\@nOps.io.
    • Calling designated customer success manager (CSM).
    • Issues communicated to any other nOps.io person or entity, or from an unregistered person will be considered Severity 4 issues.
    • By submitting a Support Request, you are authorizing the nOps technical support team to download or copy any data necessary for troubleshooting the reported issue. If you have any concerns about this authorization, please contact your nOps CSM.
    • Communication directly with an account executive, project manager, engineer, or management contact is not covered by Issue Response and Resolution Times

Our Support Response and Resolution Commitment

Issues Classification

Severity Level Definition
Severity 1 Customer cannot use most or all of a product or service (i.e., most pages in the product are not loading or displaying an error message). Data corruption or loss has occurred or will occur.
Severity 2 Customer is prevented from executing one or more critical business processes (for example: Cloud Publishing, CCMS) for a substantial number of users, or Services are usable with limited capabilities and/or intermittent interruptions which have serious business Impact.
Severity 3 Primary product functionality is severely impacted and unusable. Customers are unable to utilize a common feature to its fullest ability. Data may not be displayed as expected but is not lost. There is no commercially reasonable workaround for customers.
Severity 4 Some customers (not all) are receiving intermittent errors on product pages or cannot use the product in possibly obscure ways. The product may be loading slowly or partially (missing images), and there is a workaround that customers can use.

Issue Response and Resolution Times

We commit to the following response and resolution times:

Issue Severity Response Time Resolution Time
Severity 1 Less than 30 minutes Fewer than 8 hours
Severity 2 Less than 4 hours 2 business days
Severity 3 Less than 8 hours 4 business days
Severity 4 Less than 24 hours N/A (resolution not guaranteed)

Services Availability

nOps will provide a Required Monthly Availability of 99.9% for the SaaS platform https://app.nops.io. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the Services are available (i.e., accessible and usable) at the Required Monthly Availability.

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